W/P Challenge ‘Zombie Reality’

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“Influenza pandemics must be taken seriously, precisely because of their capacity to spread rapidly to every country in the world.” – Margaret Chan

The midweek challenge on partner Susan and my site is ZOMBIE REALITY.

There is a definite reluctance on the part of family physicians to prescribe antibiotics to their patients over fifty years of age and prefer instead to readily write prescriptions for addictive opioid compounds to relieve their patient’s medical plight.

I truly hate to harp on this topic but still suffering the ill effects of this year’s crop of robust flu virus symptoms has raised my attention to the fact that doctor’s do not tell patients about the the medications they prescribe and depend on the patient’s reading the product directions and warnings carefully.

This makes logical sense if you are not suffering from flu symptoms that would make a Vulcan wince from the discomfort. Reading the labels on your flu symptom medications is the last thing you do when in the grip of a nasty virus.

There are doctors out there who will prescribe the antibiotics but you have to seek them out and hope their offices are not too far from where you reside.

This week Susan and I would like to know if you would  tough out” a severe winter cold or would you take a prescribed opioid medication knowing that it is an addictive substance that could lessen your symptoms but turn you into a zombie or even worse have you addicted to the opioid long term.

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