Word Prompt Holiday Treats

“Oh Christmas treats, Oh Christmas treats please don’t put the pounds on me!” – Santa Claus. 

A  D E C A D E N T  B U T  T A S T Y  H O L I D A Y  T R E A T

This week’s word prompt presented on partner Susan and my site one week before Christmas day is HOLIDAY TREATS.

My birthday was last Saturday and even though I was under the weather with a touch of the flu and suffering the ill effects of penicillin I did enjoy a holiday treat named Tuxedo Cake but in the video it Is called Opera Cake.

Opera Cake is a rich French dessert, that uses one of the most loved flavor combinations, chocolate and coffee. The cake is consisting of layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, filled with coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate glaze.

Each bite of this dessert helped me to forget my aches and pains and allowed me to close my eyes and imagine all the good and tasty treats the holiday season brings with it.

Since there are so many religious and holiday celebrations taking place at this time of the year Susan and I encourage you to present your own take on the holiday treat that you and your family traditionally enjoy.

Photos, recipes, poems and other forms of yummy memorabilia are welcome for this special challenge.


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