Word Prompt Wishbone vs Backbone

“If you’re going to be a wannabe, make sure you ‘wannabe’ something great. The most shocking thing about wannabees, is they largely want to be something irrelevant, vein, or just plain petty. — Andrew Williams

A  W H I N E  A N D  J E E Z   D E B A C L E 

This week’s Word Prompt on my partner Susan and my site involves political gerrymandering and is presented as WISHBONE versus BACKBONE.

Recently, Susan mentioned to me that I have not made any comments lately about the political situation in The United States especially the candidates throwing their hats into the political arena. This is my take on her request.

There is really not much that anyone can say that will save the White House from disruption, confusion and imminent disaster: Sleepy Joe will be the permanent White House somnambulist; Warren will take advantage of any and all photo ops to present her best sides to an apathetic public ; and Old Bernie Sanders will have the Oval Office stocked with Geritol, exercise equipment and of course Depends.

Let’s face it folks the home of the president is not a geriatric clinic where political wannabes can flaunt their once mental prowess in the hopes that what they once knew and did (their track record if you wish) will carry them through a world dominated by psychopaths, musclemen and vodka guzzling tyrants.

It’s a brave new world out there and as such the person leading the country must have spine, resolve, determination and of course political savvy and morality and compassion. To offer voters anything less is disastrous.

Trump lacks any kind of moral fiber (I think he shuns the stuff) but he is cunning and knows how to push folks around and get his way regardless of the consequences.

The world is dominated now by men of power and not photogenic candidates who look great before the cameras but lack any kind of personal resolve to get the job done.

That being said give us your take on the political climate where you live. Are the candidates stacking up to get the job done or are they merely mimicking one another with the hope that over exposure in the media will get them elected?


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