Word Prompt Fair Dinkum

“As a noun dinkum , recorded from the late 19th century, was an English dialect word meaning ‘hard work, honest toil’; it now mainly features as an adjective in various Australian and New Zealand expressions.”

N O T   R E A L L Y   F A I R   D I N K U M 

This week’s Word Prompt here on partner Susan and my site Weekly Prompts is the expression FAIR DINKUM which is often used as a general expression of approval.

But the question we ask is this: Can approval be honestly given (even here on Word Press) when the person seeking approval is actually attempting to exploit another’s creative work?

I guess in the real world this is called leap frogging or clinging to the coat tails of another but here in cyber land it is a form of theft.

Pretending to re blog a fellow blogger’s article but then only making a passing mention of the article while promoting your own material is outright cattle rustling. End of story.

This has happened to me a few times and I felt conned and miffed that I let myself get hoodwinked by unscrupulous bloggers. The Word Press notification sent to you via email only requests your approval.

And so clever bloggers use this loophole and blogger ignorance to further their own objectives. Live and learn I guess.

Anyway Susan and I would like you to tell us if you have ever experienced this type of double dealing activity with your own site submissions.

To re blog another’s article is totally okay but to schmooze in order to use another writer is verboten.


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