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“Don’t judge a book by its cover”  The Mill on the Floss ― George Eliot (1860).

 This weekend the Photo Challenge here on Weekly Prompts is Cover.

Imagine for a moment that you are writing a book and the publisher has asked for a Cover Picture. What will you choose?

That is the challenge from GC and me; we would like to see the picture/s for your book covers. In the meantime we both look forward to finding out what your book is about.

As always, the challenge is merely a guideline; there are no rules. Please feel free to address the challenge in any way you wish and as many times as you wish. Drawings, photos, poetry and fiction, all are welcome – let your imagination run wild!

To Take Part: Write a new post and include our site name Weekly Prompts plus the challenge title, highlight the challenge and create a pingback by copying the link above.

If unsure how to create a pingback – check out our newly updated How To Page twelve subjects including how to cancel the Block Editor.

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