Word Prompt Cyber Invitations

I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucination.” –  Scott Adam

P E R S I S T E N C E  N O T  A L W A Y S  W E L C O M E D 

This week’s prompt on my partner Susan and my site is CYBER INVITATIONS.

Everyday we all receive invitations that we either are quick to accept or equally quick to reject outright. They do not appeal to us and we can just politely say no and walk away. End of story.

In the cyber world reality is not that straight forward. Many times persistent bloggers will try to build their readership numbers up by sending out numerous invitations to join their site and write articles for them. An unwelcomed collaboration to be sure.

This has recently happened to me and the number of these unwelcomed email invitations has increased from one to six per day. I ignore and delete the emails but the sender seems to be desperate for blog material and does not give up.

I will write an article relating to this matter but for now ask you if you have ever been plagued by these online marauding parasites who send invitations that are more like demands than requests. No is not a word in their vocabulary. 


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