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“Sometimes in life you have to pop out of your shell of self concern and become aware of the world around you.” – Anon.

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This week’s photo challenge involves STORE DISPLAYS.

There are times in life when even the best conceived idea for a store display will have its moments of doubt and dread. Many times impinging variables ( such as gravity in this case) will turn an advertising display into a calamity and shopping annoyance.

In the photo above the centre of attention is the wicker basket on the far left. While its location may have been ideal to attract shopper interest it was definitely overloaded to the maximum with items that were almost lighter than air itself.

It appears as though an overly ambitious staffer in the store’s shelf stocking department tried to put more of this tiny product into a container that was already straining at the seams to safely hold (with great effort) the more than abundant amount of items it could handle.

As shoppers walked by in the area their carts tapped the basket sending a good portion of the top layer onto the floor. When I first noticed the mess on the floor shoppers were either stepping over the floored items or kicking them out of their way.

I located a few store clerks in the area and both told me that this was not their section. They did in effect tell me where to go to find the proper staffer for the area involved.

One staffer near the display did try to rectify the situation but the tiny items were stacked too high and foot traffic too heavy to prevent things from tumbling to the floor. The replaced items immediately fell to the floor in spite of her best efforts to anchor them atop the container.

In this week’s challenge my partner Susan and myself challenge you to find store displays that just don’t seem to work. The photos can be major disasters or something that in your opinion should not have been created in the first place. Stories, photos or your personal comments are welcomed.

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