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“If you close your eyes in a park you will realize that everything you see around is at the same time in the air because everything has a scent and every scent is a misty image!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

A  Q U I E T  O A S I S  IN  T H E  C I T Y

This Wednesday’s Word Prompt is PARKS.

As we approach this late stage of the summer season the question that my partner Susan and I ask you to consider is this: have you and your family visited a park near your home and enjoyed a family picnic under the shade of the trees there?

How big is a small park you might ask yourself? Well there is no precise definition as to what qualifies itself as a small piece of land ( possibly an onsite shaded area ) that people regularly flock to with their picnic baskets , coolers and sunscreen to enjoy an afternoon outdoors.

When it comes to parks I think the quiet and  overall tranquility enjoyed under the canopy of trees located there is totally a subjective experience. A park, no matter what its size, allows you to communicate with nature.

For this challenge tell us how you feel about parks in general and if you have photos, poems or personal stories about your visits to a park let us know.


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