Word Prompt Confidant

“It needs strength to stay silent, but it needs courage to confide in somebody.” ― Namrata Kumari

T A K I N G  S O M E  T I M E  T O  R E F L E C T 

This week’s word prompt is CONFIDANT.

Many times in life we all need someone,  a confidant(e), to help us unload the weight on our shoulders which the world has thrown our way:  a pending operation, recent divorce, financial issues or just plain anxieties about life in general.

The person we share our deepest thoughts, concerns and fears with could be a neighbor we trust, a father confessor, an online friend and acquaintance, a close friend or family member.

Trying to be stoic and holding all the trials and tribulations in works for a short term but eventually we all look for someone to trust and tell our secrets and fears to without hesitation.

In this week’s challenge my partner Susan and myself would like to know your take on having a confidant to whom you tell all.


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