Word Prompt Humor

The Midweek Word Prompt here on Weekly Prompts is Humor

“The clown has a natural wit and funny sense of humour that makes people laugh, but behind the jolly face there is sadness too.” ~ Nidhi 

The prompt was chosen by GC, which is why I’ve used his North American spelling of the word instead of my ‘correct’ 😀 English spelling!

Unfortunately, GC has had one of those weeks that we’d all rather not have; a week that culminated in an unfortunate family situation that led to a trip away from home and left him unable to write his prompt.

 Under these circumstances, the word humour seems a little inappropriate, but as it was Gerry’s choice I’m staying with it.

I am fairly certain that when he has recovered from his trip, he will use his own blog The Main Aisle to write his personal account of the week that was.

What about you, what humorous situations or not so humorous can you tell us about or show us? As usual, anything goes, poems, stories and/or photographs the choice is yours.


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