Word Prompt Drug Stores

“Drug stores understand life. That’s why the anniversary cards and sympathy cards are right next to each other.” — Anon

Promoting health, well being and pills

This week’s Word Prompt on Susan and my site is: DRUG STORES..

Drug stores ( the local corner pharmacy we all knew and grew up frequenting) have morphed over time.

They are now more closely associated with mega medical pharmaceutical firms whose only goal is to promote health through the use of the many pills, medications and elixirs their display shelves carry.

The goal here is not to disparage these stores but to jog your own memories and personal experiences as to how you currently view or remember that familiar little drug store you used to visit in bygone days.

Drug stores in the good old days were not as high tech oriented as many undoubtedly are today. Now the store aisles are well lit, offer a cornucopia of options to fight common ailments and have converted the patient into a mere numberless entity on a computer file.

Tell us how you view your own drug store outlet. Are you happy with the way you are served there or do you wish you were treated more like a person and not a symptom seeking the latest over the counter medication?


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