Word Prompt Snippet

The only thing faster than the speed of thought is the speed of forgetfulness. Good thing we have other people to help us to remember.” ~ Vera Nazarian

Hehe, You’d think!

The Wednesday Word-prompt is Snippet

Oops! GC has been so wrapped up in writing and re-blogging my posts about WordPress that he completely forgot to write the Wednesday Word Prompt! I too have been immersed in pings and pongs and haven’t given reminders a second thought.

Normally our prompts and challenges are written in advance and placed on the schedule 😇 we do like to give the appearance of being perfectly organised, this week, however, it would appear that we’re not!

So, publishing a few hours later than usual let’s go for the word prompt SNIPPET.

Perhaps you could tell us snippets about your forgetfulness!

Alternatively, we’ll settle for bits of news, poetry, music, drawings and photos. Anything goes and in the meantime GC and I look forward to receiving and reading your posts.


To Take Part: Write a new post and include our name (Weekly Prompts) plus the challenge title, highlight the challenge and create a pingback by copying the link above.

If unsure, check our menu bar and read our recently updated How To page.

Until the faulty Pingback issue is resolved Comments are Enabled on these pages.

Please check back to see if your pingback is successful, if it’s not, please feel free to leave a pasted link in the comments Box.

Site owners GC, themainaisle.com – SueW, nansfarm.net

Out of interest I’m attempted a pingback the other way around, this time to nansfarm, it failed!

18 thoughts on “Word Prompt Snippet

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  1. Thank you yet again Susan for covering the word prompt for today. Doctor visits, medical checkups and other medical incursions have distracted me from keeping on top of things. My apologies to you and our readers.

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  2. Reblogged this on THE MAIN AISLE (c) 2019 and commented:

    Oops! My plate has been full for the past two weeks. Bravo to my partner Susan for handling the word prompt for today which is Snippets. Hope you will take part in this verbal challenge. – gc


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