GC and I don’t normally issue prompts and challenges other than Wednesday and Saturday, therefore today’s post is more of an information piece about my recent communications with WordPress.

That said, as some of you are experiencing issues with creating pingbacks please feel free to treat this as a prompt and tell us about your communication problems and please test your own pingbacks using the URL below.

As many of you are aware I have encountered a number of problems lately.

  • Unsuccessful pingbacks.
  • Unable to click Like and write a comment without logging in again.
  • Unstable flashing pages
  • Unable to click on a received pingback to visit your sites.

Each time this happens I contact WordPress and give as much information as possible but I got the impression that a couple of the guys answering my plea for help were unaware of the problems we are dealing with.

Having had several chats with WordPress, I received an e-mail asking if I would rate their support. The first time I received the request I ignored it, this morning I chose to reply.

I rated the support as Medium because I could not bring myself to say, Poor, after all it’s hardly the fault of some person at the other side of my screen. I also submitted a written response Screenshot attached.

Feed back for wordpress

Sometimes I am fortunate and my communications are answered by the same person, but compared to what others tell me, I am more than fortunate to have had so many replies. Today I received another reply from Robert, someone I’ve chatted to before.

It confirms what I’ve been saying, WordPress do need to know every tiny detail and from each of us, and once a bigger picture is painted, perhaps links can be made, and they may finally solve our issues. Please report anything no matter how trivial it appears.

Hi there,

Thank you for the details and patience!

While we’re still looking into things, we could use a few more details on this.

How are the posts being published? Are they directly published or scheduled for publishing?
Also, are you using the classic or the new editor?

Furthermore, have you noticed anything in particular regarding this issue?

Any small detail could be helping us debug and solve this mystery issue.

Please keep us in the loop.

MY return reply …

Hello again Robert,

Thank you for your reply.

  • I use the Classic editor
  • The pingback issue has occurred on both scheduled and directly published posts.
  • Posts have been written and published via the App and also from the Dashboard.
  • Posts were written and published both from my PC and my iPad.

So what about you, how were your posts published, have you had any problems? ~ Sue

16 thoughts on “Communication

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    1. I’m so pleased you are not having the same problems. I am aware of a few, it with all the thousands of WordPress bloggers I would guess there are far more of us out there.
      WP needs to go back and pinpoint where it first began, that at least is a starting point

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  1. I got the same message today and I only had a choice of good or bad, no middle ground. I said that they had failed to identify the problem, claiming no one else seemed to HAVE the problem. I said that I knew many people who had it. All of whom had complained and basically gotten the same response, so they definitely needed better people to respond because they weren’t getting the message. And maybe they needed a better way to collect complaints since they never seemed to have heard of the problem before, no matter what the problem was.

    I’ve been posting on WordPress for more than 7 years — and no matter what the issue, they ALWAYS say you are the first person to mention it. This is patently untrue and I think I’ve lost my patience. Seven years is a lot f patience.

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    1. I’m not surprised Marilyn. I would have lost mine too if I’d a seven-year itch to scratch! Everything has run smoothly for me until the last few weeks and now each day seems to bring another niggle. The live chat feedback form has Good, could be better, and Poor, or something like that. I’ll take more notice next time. I hope they fix it soon, but sounds like I shouldn’t hold my breath! Thank you commenting again.


  2. I am not aware of problems. I use dashboard with elementor only.. I do have to sign in sometimes again to comment but I think that might be people like me who do not have an actual wordpress site..

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    1. It’s affecting random bloggers with no particular pattern emerging as yet. There is a blip in WordPress software not our own. And makes no difference whether we use a mobile device a PC the dashboard or the App. The logging in again should not be happening that too is one of the blips!


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