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“A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.” –  Christian Louboutin

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C I N D E R E L L A   N E V E R   H A D   T H I S   P R O B L E M

This week’s Word Prompt challenge is FOOTWEAR.

I have noticed over the past few days while sitting in doctor’s waiting rooms that men and women have very different concepts about the shoes they put on their feet.

Women want their shoes to be fashionably chic but petite while men fall into the popularized male myth that a pair of large dress shoes is indicative of a man’s sexuality.

My most recent empirical data involving an equal number of men and women  ( 10 each) indicate that women often wear shoes that are far too small to successfully accommodate their tired and aching feet while many men will risk wearing over sized shoes (many times patent leather) in the attempt to visibly overstate their male prowess.

A few gentlemen in particular positioned themselves in one doctor’s cramped office with great difficulty and struggled to place their shoes in the best light possible.

Judging by the way they walked into and out of the office I could reasonable assume that their size 13 long shoes were successfully concealing feet that would fit comfortably into a size eleven wide. The male ego huh.

For this week’s word prompt my partner Susan and myself ask you to not only write an article on the topic FOOTWEAR. but also urge you to do a little bit of your own legwork and observe the size and shapes on the shoes that amble about you daily.

For the record this is NOT a foot fetish exercise but a challenge to test your sense of observation. As always your opinions are always welcomed and invited.


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