Announcement – Normal Comments are Enabled

Many of you are aware that some bloggers are experiencing a number of faults, including issues with creating pingbacks.

What is not clear is whether the bug, the gremlin or whatever, lies within the site creating the pingback, or with the receiving site such as this one.

My gut feeling tells me the fault is the WordPress App, but I’m not a developer, so who knows?

Thankfully, your posts (and mine) are publishing as normal and your usual followers will continue to visit and enjoy your articles, with or without the presence of a pingback.

WordPress is aware and the developers are attempting to fix the fault. If you are having problems no matter how minor, in order to help WP help us,  please could you inform WordPress.

As a temporary measure, and at the suggestion of one of our contributors, we have Enabled Comments on Weekly Prompts. This will allow a link to your article to be pasted into a comments box; however, we also ask that you attempt a pingback first; otherwise, none of us will know if there is a problem.

When we launched Weekly prompts our initial plan was to create a website that offered prompts and challenges not dissimilar to WordPress’s Daily Prompts, and without a discussion forum. Our intention was to offer prompts/challenges that would bring people together and facilitate discussions on your own sites.

Additionally, being something of a neat freak, I wanted the pingbacks to be orderly and easily spotted so that others could visit your sites. For me, it was important that pingbacks were not hidden in the middle of a sea of general comments; therefore, Normal Comments were disabled. ~ Sue

10 thoughts on “Announcement – Normal Comments are Enabled

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  1. Great work Susan. You should be applauded for all your efforts to rectify a Word Press situation which was probably recognized by the site’s developers before they decided to pull the proverbial plug and leave their users in the lurch.

    If I were not under the weather at the moment I would also write an article about the many difficulties you are experiencing.

    I am quite certain that all our readers and followers are privately commending your herculean effort to right this technical glitch.

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    1. Well, my love, that is very kind of you to be so generous with your praise. Thank you.
      I’ve not written via the App today I took a leaf from your book and used the dashboard instead. So, now we wait until morning and find out whether my pingback to your prompt has worked!


    1. That is my thinking too, Brian, Mobile APPS. We shall see what happens when GC’s Word prompt and my own Nan’s farm response are published at 7:00 AM. That’s U.K. time.

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      1. I couldn’t search my photos on the app when in town today. Had to scroll through to find what I wanted and then it would suddenly flick back to the post and I had to start again until I gave up. Love my desktop version

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      2. That’s some mighty gremlin they’ve got over at WordPress!
        Also regarding the received pingbacks on Weekly Prompts, I’m having difficulty commenting and Clicking Like when opening pages via blogger’s pingbacks I have to use the reader!

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      1. I used the dashboard throughout when writing my latest published post from nansfarm, and as you can tell the pingback still did not work.

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