Word Prompt Overkill

“I don’t like rats any more than the next bloke, but they ain’t wicked and cruel like people can be. They’re just ratty in their habits.” ― Philip Pullman, I Was a Rat!

My partner Susan has decided to take some time off. She has earned this three-week hiatus and I am sure many of you will miss her and her creativity, wit and charm.


I have chosen the word OVERKILL for this week’s challenge and can easily relate this word to my past week’s experience with mice and rodent exterminations.

From my perspective it was a necessity but for the professionals it appeared to be a matter of overkill at its finest.

As Susan is well aware I have a mouse issue that appears in the spring and vanishes during the winter months. That makes sense since the furry little critters are seeking a warm shelter filled with food to munch on for the winter. 

I have an electronic “mouse zapper” that last year eliminated about one half-dozen mice from my flat.I was shocked to discover that I had the problem but not as shocked as the unsuspecting mouse who entered the chamber.

Last Wednesday the trusty contraption sizzled the first young mouse of the season. It was tiny and must have craved the aroma and taste of the fresh peanut butter I placed in the electrocution chamber.

I thought it strange that this mouse made its appearance and met its demise a few minutes before noon. Some mice might not be as nocturnal as we all had assumed. 

The mouse/rat exterminators dropped off a fresh supply of containerized poisons about the suite around noon and to ensure that the unit would be mouse free they also placed four sticky paper traps which they said would stop any unsuspecting mouse in its tracks.

The only problem I had with that solution forced me to throw the trap in the refuse bin if I heard the rodent squealing or squirming in the petite paper house. That is really not my cup of tea.

Anyway I thought their approach was total overkill and threw the “glue traps” away.

The traditional mouse trap and piece of cheese or generous daub of peanut butter ( plain or chunky) has been replaced by high tech solutions.

For this week’s prompt tell us of your own experiences what you consider to be an overkill situation. I am quite sure you have encountered situations which appeared to you to be going totally over board as a solution. Here is the place to get the issue off your chest!


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