Word Prompt – Fairness

We cannot accept the world as it is. Each day we should wake up foaming at the mouth because of the injustice of things.” ― Hugo Claus

Traffic light cameras are essentially cash cows that rake in millions of dollars of revenue for all the municipalities who choose to use this alleged accident reducing method of collision prevention. But there is an unfair side to this high tech solution.

Imagine that as you are driving down an icy road in the curb lane on your way to work a large truck is on your tail following closely and not allowing you any  physical distance to either stop your car safely, steer clear or go around a potential accident scenario.

As you approach the corner the light turns yellow. You slow your vehicle down but then as you look in your rear view mirror you notice that  same large moving van  behind you is getting closer and closer to your rear bumper. The light then turns red.

You could slow down and hope that the inconsiderate driver behind you would also slow down before hitting you and sending you careening into oncoming cross traffic.

Your other tactical options would be to technically run through the red light or as a possible last resort engage your right turn signal and turn to your right hopefully avoiding a traffic stalling rear end collision.

My barber said this happened to her on the way to work. The corner had a number of red light traffic cameras.

One of the cameras caught her making the turn against the light and it also caught a photo of the offending vehicle crowding her into committing this traffic infringement. She said there was no cross traffic going with the green at the intersection.

She received a traffic ticket in the mail to the tune of $350. When she went to pay the fine she explained to the attendant the situation and pointed out the photo of the  truck forcing her into this perilous decision-making situation.

The person behind the cashier wicket agreed with her and told her that since this was her first ticket over many years of careful driving the fine would be reduced to $175.

The question she asks is where is the fairness in that? It seems to her that the actual perpetrator of the act of aggression got away scot-free while she had to pay financial consequences of his careless driving practices.

For this week’s word prompt Susan and I have chosen the word FAIRNESS for you to digest, ruminate over and if tempted present your own story as to the (un)fairness of an event that has irked your memory


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