Word Prompt Baffling

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” – Bill Cunningham.

A  M A T T E R  O F  N E C E S S I T Y  N O T  F A S H I O N

There are many issues in life that bother folks: the weather; finances; health issues. The list is endless and many of these concerns are born out of fear and not any real criteria.

In this situation I am totally baffled as to why fashion designers would create flannel pajama bottoms for men and NOT include a front opening so that they can pee without complicating the issue for them?

At the beginning of February in this part of the universe the temperatures dropped well below the freezing mark and I decided to purchase a pair of warm, woolly flannel pajama bottoms. The short summer pj’s I was wearing in my opinion would not do the job for me.

I bought my flannel bottoms from a well-known merchandiser. It was not an impulsive purchase and I asked a sales associate for direction and help. I asked for a pair of men’s flannel pajamas and she led me to the correct location.

I examined the merchandise carefully noting that there was a draw string waist and a flap on the front. To me this indicated this product was made for men. We do need that draw bridge feature now and again.

That night in the wee hours of the morning I needed to use the facilities and as I got there was surprised to discover that the front of the bloody pajamas was closed for business. At two in the morning you do not want to be unpleasantly surprised by such a discovery.

I could not rely on the familiar “splash-and-dash” approach to save me in this instance. Even if I lowered my drawers there still would be some type of collateral damage done to the pajama fabric.

I did what any man would do when faced with this choice: I lowered my pajamas, sat on the toilet seat and happily relieved my bladder’s demands. It’s the small things in life that make big differences.

The opening illustration shows both the female and male version of the sleep wear . They both have a drawstring and the necessary flap on the front. I suppose for females it is a unsex fashion statement but for me a matter of male identification and necessity.

In case you were wondering I returned the next day to the store and together with a manager checked the merchandise. The female items were placed at the other end of the store. The “male” merchandise all had the same design flaw. So much for quality control I guess.

I also carefully took a pair of scissors and cut an opening in the front of my “new” pajamas. With surgical precision and steady hands I enabled the necessary draw bridge feature to once again function unfettered and without incident.

In this week’s installment of Susan and my “Word Prompt” we ask you to tell us the type of situations that cause you to scratch your head and ask yourself what in the world is happening here?

You have a wide latitude of issues to discuss and are not limited to the fashion industry.Share your own take on this topic. Let us know how you feel. — gc

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