Word Prompt Cabin Fever

“If you’re holding out for universal popularity, I’m afraid you will be in this cabin for a very long time.”  — J. K. Rowling.

W I N T E R   O F  O U R  D I S C O N T E N T

Cabin Fever:“Being stuck indoors for a prolonged period of time during the winter months and suffering from depression caused from a vitamin deficiency caused by a lack of sunlight and sick of being inside with the same people for months on end.”


The colder than normal  winter temperatures this year have turned great numbers of folks in North America into social hermits as sub-zero weather has made outdoor exposure a life threatening experience.

School children are kept indoors at recess, slick roads and icy conditions have made pedestrian and automobile travel limited and dry air indoors has not only dried out our nasal passages but also lowered our  resistance to colds, fever and the more than occasional sniffle.

This week’s “Word Prompt” on Susan and my site asks you to tell us how well or not so well you are coping with the current weather condition in your area.

We are all experiencing some form of cabin fever and are all hoping that the dome of frigid arctic air will soon leave the area. 

In my area the Arctic Dome will lower temperatures to the Minus 30 degree Celsius mark for another week. A tough pill to swallow but such is life. Spring is hopefully right around the proverbial corner. – gc


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