Photo Challenge Advent Weather

“Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people’s legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world.” ― Sarah Addison Allen, The Sugar Queen

My partner Susan and I continue with our Advent theme offering a few insights into a different aspect of the season. In this installment I have decided to focus on the weather that ushers in the Christmas holiday in my neck of the woods.

The photo above presents the type of weather activity that can present itself during this extremely fickle time of the year.

The combination  rain and snow storm developed overnight and a one-two combination weather punch not only covered the trees with a thick filigree  of ice but made driving and walking treacherous.

As an afterthought it appears that Mother Nature wanted to minimize the dismal icy situation by having snow clouds dump a goodly amount on the area which camouflaged the rainy portion of the evening rather adequately.

For this weekend challenge we ask you to venture outside with your camera and capture a few views of the area you live in. Dress warmly and present us with your take on the wintry weather.

Editorial Note:

Next Tuesday is Christmas day. There will be no challenge for next Wednesday, December 26th. We will all have busy holiday schedules and activities to occupy our attention. The Photo Challenge will return on Saturday, December 29th.

Susan and I wish you a safe, happy and joyous Christmas. –  gc

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