Word Prompt Xmas Zombies

“To make enemies by unnecessary and willful incivility, is just as insane a proceeding as to set your house on fire.” —  ― Arthur Schopenhauer.

If you look at this photo closely you will notice that an outraged female customer is taking a defiant stand against the check out cashier . Flipping someone the finger is not what the Christmas shopping season is all about. – gc

T H E  B I R D  I S  N O T  T H E  W O R D  

In case you were not aware a mindless mass of rude, inconsiderate and pushy shoppers is out there willing and able to make your day totally miserable while justifying their own boorish and uncivilized actions.

These are the folks in the supermarket ramming their over stuffed shopping carts into your unprotected legs, knees , feet and buttocks. If you do not catch their attention with a dirty look or mention anything they will assume nothing is wrong or mention aloud that you are being overly sensitive and emotional over nothing.

They often apologize for their impatient actions but only if they are not on their cell phones texting friends, reading the nearby tabloid articles or totally ignoring the way they have invaded your privacy space.

If they were actual real life zombies the act of eating another person’s brain matter would not guarantee with any degree of certainty that they would retain any of the intelligence they would have consumed.

These are the folks who demand that the cashier speed up the processing of their order because they are in a hurry. A few of the more nervous types stand behind you in line with their two or three items in hand, beseech you to let them cut ahead of you and then forget to say thank you for letting them cashier out before you. Tis the season huh?

If you have not experienced this type of seasonal rudeness consider yourself lucky. If you have been the victim of such holiday shopping angst  let Susan and I know how you felt about the incursion.

Remember sharing is a part of the season and we would like to know how you felt about the incident. — gc


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