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Once again, we come to the holiday season, a deeply religious time, that each of us observes in his own way, by going to the Mall of his choice!” ~ Dave Barry

Last weekend the season of Advent began and this weekend here at Weekly Prompts, the word ADVENT and all the word conjures, is your Photo Challenge.

Please continue to add your pingbacks right up to Christmas Eve

A couple of days ago a blogging friend mentioned how much he enjoyed the run up to Christmas. He went on to say he hoped someone would create a challenge/prompt so that he could take photographs to show how he and his family light up and prepare for Christmas.

So, for everyone who is yearning to share the Christmas prep, GC and I give you Advent!

Tell us about it, take lots of pictures and share them here. As usual anything goes. Fill yer boots! (Loosely translated, Go for it and enjoy!)

To take part:  – Write a new post and include our name (Weekly Prompts) plus the challenge title, highlight the challenge and create a pingback by copying the link above. If unsure, check our menu bar and read the How to Page.

Please note:  Pingbacks for all challenges are displayed at the bottom of the page where you would normally see the comments and in order for the pingbacks to be displayed correctly, normal comments are disabled.  Your comments are warmly welcomed on the Talk-to-Us page.

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