Photo Challenge Ruling the Roost

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as Gods; they have not forgotten this!” ~ Terry Pratchett. 

This weekend your Photo Challenge from Weekly Prompts is Ruling the Roost.

Who rules your home, the dog, the cat, another creature, or you? Who takes who for a walk?

Don’t have a pet? How about your neighbours, who rules their home?

The idea for this challenge was devised last weekend, and by coincidence, later the same day, I got into an interesting conversation with another blogger about our attachment to animals. Soon after that, I had a similar conversation with another, and those conversations told us that this subject could turn out to be an interesting challenge!

So, today Gerry and I would like you to share your photographs of your special fur and feathered friends that share your roost and please tell us all about them.

My personal contribution is here at Nan’sFarm.

To take part:  Write a new post and include our name (Weekly Prompts) plus the challenge title, and just as you did with WP’s daily prompts, highlight the challenge and create a pingback by copying the link below. If unsure, check our menu bar and read the How To Page.

Please note:  Pingbacks for all challenges are displayed at the bottom of the page where you would normally see the comments and in order for the pingbacks to be displayed correctly, normal comments are disabled.  Your comments are warmly welcomed on the Talk-to-Us page.

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