Word Prompt Glamorous

Anyone can get dressed up and be glamorous, but it’s how people are during their days off that is the most intriguing!” ~ Alexander Wang

The Midweek/Wednesday Word-prompt here on Weekly Prompts is Glamorous.

Due to some confusion between GC and myself, this unplanned last minute prompt is published slightly later than usual… Oops!

The word was chosen due to someone’s remark when looking through an old photo album, that remark prompted a conversation which this morning prompted this post!

Ladies – Do you ever feel glamorous, and did you feel glamorous when you were younger?

  • Do you prefer smart or casual dress?
  • Do you make an effort with yourself when you are at home, and is it important to make an effort?
  • What about your other half does s/he make an effort?

Gentlemen – Do you think your other half is glamorous?

  • Does your other half make an effort for you?
  • Do you make an effort with yourself?
  • Do you prefer smart or casual dress?

This week we would like you to share your answers to the above questions. If you have photographs and wish to share, please feel free to do so.


 To take part:  – Write a new post and include our name (Weekly Prompts) plus the challenge title, and  just as you did with WP’s daily prompts, highlight the challenge and create a pingback by copying the link above. If unsure, check our menu bar and read the How to Page.

Please note:  Pingbacks for all challenges are displayed at the bottom of the page where you would normally see the comments and in order for pingbacks to be displayed correctly, normal comments are disabled.  Your comments are warmly welcomed on the Talk-to-Us page.

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