Word Prompt Scary Costumes

The best part of the night is sitting together with friends and sharing candies, and Halloween stories.” –Simran Khurana

In this photo ( from left )- Tommy, Ben and Harry prepare themselves to venture in the Halloween night in search of fun, adventure and goodies.

Halloween evening ( this coming Wednesday ) will be a time for anxious children, tasty candy treats and of course the scary costumes the children wear as they along with their compliant parents prowl the streets of receptive neighbors as they shout with one voice “Trick or treat!”.

If you are a parent you will have noticed that the children have their own informal network and advise the friends they meet on the moonlit streets where the best candy can be found and of course which houses ( not witch houses) to definitely avoid.

When I was a youngster and out on Halloween evening the houses with their porch  light on meant that this was a welcome site to visit.

These days with so many folks living in high-rise apartments the dispersing of the candy is left to folks manning the front doors. Still a fun time.

In a previous Photo Challenge we presented the way commercial businesses got into the spirit of the evening.

In this Word Challenge Susan and myself challenge you to write about the children who drop by your house on this hallowed evening. If you feel ambitious have your camera nearby and snap a few photos of the children. You may even include photos of your own children or grandchildren. – gc


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