Word Prompt Curiosity

“Curiosity killed the cat…… and satisfaction brought it back.” ― Tamora Pierce

F O U N D A T I O N   F O R   S U S P I C I O N 

Life is filled with many mysteries the likes of which at times become almost impossible to solve. Others, as is the case in this situation, are beyond resolution due to the delicate nature of the circumstances involved..

Last Friday afternoon as I was getting ready to go shopping I noticed a group of young women standing at the top of the stairs wrestling with three fair-sized black plastic containers filled with something I could not readily identify.

As I reached the doorway and held the door open for one of the women I finally noticed that the boxes were crammed full with high quality, flesh-toned female foundation garments ( bras) and that in my estimation the size of the foundations  did not match the petite physiques of the ladies transporting them to their car.

It was easy to discover which vehicle was theirs as a trail of the bras stretched like bread crumbs from the building’s front steps to their silver-colored, older model Honda.

At the time it seemed they were less concerned with the bras that had fallen on the cement drive and more focused on getting the items to the back seat of the parked car.

One woman thanked me for opening the door for her but avoided direct eye contact with me and seemed to be upset that I had discovered their clandestine (MS) adventure.

These ladies are my neighbors and do not speak English so I found it would be inappropriate for me to continue any line of questioning based on the awkwardness of the situation.

I could only imagine what the final destination of the garments might be and really began to wonder if the women who live in the suite immediately above mine were engaged in some sort of home cottage industry in which they are mass producing bootlegged designer bras. 

Have you ever heard, read  or stumbled upon such a situation the circumstances of which caught you so off guard that you really wanted to ask questions about the event no matter where it might lead?

Tell us about it. We would  be more than happy to compare notes and share experiences with you –gc


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