Word Prompt ATM Germs

“The best thing about getting a flu shot is that you never again need to wash your hands. That’s how I see it. ”  – Chuck Palahniuk

G R E A T  O U T L E T  F O R  C O N T A G I O N

Automated Bank Teller Machines and Credit Card readers not only dispense cash and available credit information but also are reliable sources for winter germs and other sources of infection.

Now is the time of year when  unwanted flu bugs and a host of other viruses are sitting quietly on the colorful display buttons on the machines that encourage us to type in our passwords to enable us to buy things or obtain cash for our personal usage.

I am currently fighting off a very mild form of the flu that I contracted from my local bank’s ATM Machine. I usually carry disinfectant wipes with me but on this one occasion I forgot and am now sniffling and sneezing.

What precautions do you take to ensure that during the upcoming flu season you do not inadvertently contract one of these nasty flu bugs? –gc


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