Word Prompt Serendipity

“Serendipity is defined as the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” – Dictionary Definition.

B U S I E R   T H A N   A N  A I R P O R T  R U N W A Y

Do you think that luck, chance, karma or even divine intervention wends its way into our lives and tends to correct situations that might be fatal or costly?

I was recently standing at a check out stand at a local supermarket and had placed a good majority of the groceries I had selected to purchase on the movable belt.

A man stood in line behind me and in his hand-held basket had two items: Some Bok Choy and three heads of garlic. 

He stood quietly behind me and seeing that he had not that many items I offered him to go before me. He was grateful and said thank you telling me that I was very kind to do that for him.

He paid for his items and hurriedly left the area.

When it came my turn to be cashiered out I noticed that the man had left his wallet on the far end of the check out stand. It was a bill fold and a thick wad of cash wash nestled inside it.

I gave the cashier the wallet and informed her that the customer before me had forgotten it on the stand.

Hopefully the man will return to the store seeking his abandoned bill fold.

Fate must have intervened on his behalf directing me to offer him my spot in the checkout line.

Have you ever experienced such an event in your own life?

Tell us about it and what your feelings were at the time. – gc


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