Photo Challenge Laundry Day

“If I tell you another seven hundred times, maybe one of these days you might turn your clothes right side out when you put them in the hamper, eh?” ― Jodi PicoultSalem Falls

A  T U M B L E   D O W N   L A U N D R Y   D A Y 

It seems these days there are a number of issues we care not to openly discuss: politics, religion and football. Perhaps doing laundry should be added to the list of unmentionables as well.

For the woman in the photo above this is her typical laundry day routine which she faithfully follows on either Saturday or Sunday ( excluding holidays!). Some moms don’t get any breaks it seems.

In my building complex there is only one washer and two dryers. This week the one dry is on the fritz and that means long line ups to get into the cramped room or else the equally dreaded drive to the laundromat to get the job done.

For this week’s photo challenge show us or tell us the main reason why you enjoy or hate doing laundry. Be specific and share your thoughts on this issue. – gc

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