Photo Challenge Unusual Shape

“To be able to stand out and be respected by many, you have to be positively unique and full of substance.” ― Edmond Mbiaka


The above Mutt and Jeff duo in this photo montage is a Packham Pear and was imported from South America.

Packham Pears are also referred to as Packham’s Triumph pears as they were first grown in NSW in 1897 by Sam Packham and are now exported around the world.

A specialty pear, native to Australia that has a less symmetrical pear shape, but a somewhat larger size at its base than other pears. The Packham Pear generally has a short stout shape with an irregular or bumpy surface.

The outer pale yellow skin covers a white juicy flesh that is very sweet in flavor. The texture of the flesh on a Packham Pear is firm, but softens as it ripens. It is a variety that is a cross between a Bartlett and a Yvedale Saint-Germain pear.

It’s irregular shape grabbed my attention and the person in the veggie section assured me there was nothing wrong with the lot of them.

This weeks photo challenge would like to test your sense of observation and find an object you consider to be a bit far from the norm. 

Remember to carry your camera with you and more importantly have fun! – gc

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