Word Prompt Pest Peeve

“When the mouse laughs at the cat, there’s a hole nearby.” ― Nigerian ProverbThis week’s word prompt is a play on words. It is not pet peeve as you would usually expect but in this instance pest peeve.

We all readily tell the world about our favorite pet peeves but what are your deepest pest peeves.?

My biggest pest peeves are mice and the way they stealthily enter your premises and make themselves quite comfortable at your expense.

Last week two “mini” mice were discovered skulking around my refrigerator.

I thought the solution was a small “Tom Cat” trap. That did not work.

Last night around midnight one major-sized mouse crept along the wall and hid itself in a utility closet.

To remedy this situation I bought a trap what will humanely zap this recent interloper with a battery powered  electric charge.

This week tell us your favorite or not so favorite pest peeve.


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