Photo Challenge – Timeworn

 Photo Challenge – Timeworn.

Big Ted now over 50 years old, was a fairground prize given to me by a young man in my class.  Little Ted now over 40 years old, was purchased in readiness for the birth of my first child. In contrast to Big Ted, Little Ted, with half an ear missing, (literally dog-eared) and with threadbare paws and mitts is a little timeworn! ~ Sue

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So, what about you, can you find a photo to fit the challenge?

Join us and see a snapshot selection of your photos on our Home/Welcome-page.

Weekly Prompts provides a weekend photo challenge and a midweek word-prompt. How you choose to interpret is entirely up to you, swap them around or maybe even combine the two. We offer you the choice. Take it away,  have fun with the prompts, and we look forward to seeing your responses. ~ suew -gc

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