Photo Challenge Organised

Dishwasher Cutlery Tray

For the weekend Photo Challenge use the word Organised.

Are you organised or disorganised or do you like to reorganise? Find a photo to fit.

To take part – Write a new post and include the challenge word just as you did with WP’s daily prompts, highlight the challenge and create a pingback by copying the link below.

The picture shown is my organised cutlery rack in my dishwasher. If anyone else in my house stacks the dishwasher, I redo it… my way!  I am a chronic re-organiser, nothing escapes me, as I’m sure GC will testify to seeing as he was recently on the receiving end of my reorganisation! 

Talking of GC, he recently stated we were taking the hybrid approach. So, if you don’t like the photo challenge, why not turn it into a word-prompt, and if you don’t like the word-prompt, then publish your photos instead, or even combine the two, the choice is yours. ~ Sue

Your responses (pingbacks) will be shown at the bottom of this page, the ten latest are shown on the side bar. Please take the opportunity to meet others by taking a look at some of the responses.

To allow pingbacks to be shown, the comments are disabled on all prompt pages, however, your comments are welcomed on our Talk-to-Us Page .

Take it away folks and we look forward to seeing your responses. ~ suew -gc 

Featured image drawing (c) Sophie Ng

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